The mask shown below was designed by Hiroshi Katagiri. I applied the mask and eye balls on an actor. Since this was for a horror film shooting, the director requested to make him as creepy as possible so that I used light pale colors on him here.
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I made stitch pieces and applied them on the actor's forehead here.

Makeup: Mari Okumura
Film: Hindsight
Writer/ Editor/ Director: Hiroshi Katagiri
Actor: Becky Wahlstrom



This is the one of the beauty makeups I've done for a movie shoot.

Her eyes are so beautiful so I decided to emphasize them with brown tones and give her a less dramatic lips.

Mitch, a rookie LA cop is having nightmares and meets Keiko a girl he had believed to be a figment of his dream. An irresistible Japanese naïf and runaway daughter of a Yakuza boss, Keiko reveals surprising skills that save the day. Against all odds, together they ace Mitch's jaded sergeant Diesel, and bring down the erudite though brutal Kazimir, a disillusioned Russian mobster.

Makeup: Mari Okumura
Film: La-La Loco Baby!



I created 8 different boxing injury makeups for one night of filming. I made realistic cuts, bumps and created swollen eyelids for the face. I also performed straight makeup as well as beauty makeup. I had very good time with this crew.

On Tuesday October 13, Reelblack, Philly’s #1 promoter of African-American film will present BLUE, the award-winning film from writer/actor Don Wallace. Directed by Temple alum Ryan Mnningham, it won awards at this year’s American Black Film Festival and Hollywood Black Film Festival.

BLUE is a gritty, urban drama about professional boxer set in the city landscapes of New York. Gary “Blue” Meekins struggles against unusually high obstacles to turn his hopeless life into that of the American dream. CHIP and DUTCH offer Blue a part in a robbery of a supposed neighborhood drug dealer.
The end is so tragic that the events haunt Blue and lead him to give up his life of crime and return to his childhood boxing gym and longtime trainer/mentor CHINA BANKS.

In this case, I gave her beauty makeup and I worked on brightening up certain highlight areas of face.

This film spanned for 4 weeks. During the last week her skin was breaking out, so I used some pearl base to brighten her skin color then I applied more eye cream, and less foundation on her to help her cause.

Makeup: Mari Okumura
Film: Blue



I worked on the character Rex Lewis's aka the Doctor (played by actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt pictured above) face cast and other lab work.



I worked on the actor's face casting and other lab work.



These are the new voyages of the starship Enterprise. Picking up from where the original five-year mission left-off, a new cast continues the adventures of this legendary crew.

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By his signature ears, it is easy to recognize Spock. I designed, sculpted, and applied the fake ears to suit the actor's face.

Marylinda was one of main character also of the original Star Trek in her 20's. I use the brand CHANEL makeup for her because it has very fine foundation which works well for this situation. Her soft and moist skin made it easy to apply my makeup. To get natural looking results I used light eye color and a bright lip to show her vibrant personality. I really enjoyed this job thanks to the wonderful cast.

Makeup: Mari Okumura
Actor: Marylinda
Film: Star Trek: New Voyages
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